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My Life Over 10 Weeks



Document various habits over the course of 10 weeks, ultimately translating them into a visual, graphic representation.

Information Design
Dawson College
Fall 2019

Approach / Solution

Approach /

The project’s goal was to represent my life over time; therefore, I chose to combine a mix of illustration with bold, rigid type. Rather than using graphs which can be overly structured, I opted for a variety of illustrations that are used to visually depict the numbers and data collected. What this allows for is to maintain the goal of highlighting statistics, but in a fun, fresh way that keeps my personality at its core.

The booklet's layout is meant to unify my artistic, illustrative side with my passion for good type. It is split between a rigid grid and type treatment on the left-hand page, and fun illustrations on the right-hand page. The booklet shows readers my multifaceted approach to the world of creation and says hey, why not have a little fun while keeping in mind good design philosophy through type and layout.

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