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Le Sino Brand Identity



Redesign the logo and brand identity for Montreal-based graffiti boutique: Le Sino. The identity should give a fresh, all encompassing look that can represent the various artists that Le Sino supports.

Dawson College
Winter 2020

Approach / Solution

Approach /

My main approach with the logo was to utilize both the iconic spray paint can and the art it can create to shape Le Sino’s new brand identity. Every new work of street art begins with the acquisition of a can of paint. Through the use of circles, I emulated the top of a spray can. The asymmetric space in the logo alludes to a can being taken from the shelf and sold to an artist.

The removal of one circle sparks the creation of a new artwork that will find itself on display among all  other works in the urban collection that is the streets of Montreal. The pattern of the logo is versatile and can expand, and much like the acquisition of a new can of paint, begins a new artistic journey. This redesign emphasizes the limitless potential each can of paint represents and situates Le Sino at the heart of the creative process for a community of artists without limits.

Le Sino wall image hover
Le Sino logo animation

Logo Inspiration

The logo is inspired by the wall of spray paint cans that fill the shop's wall. Taking away one circle, reflects the action of taking a can of paint. That small action is the start of a larger image and project for every artist.

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Le Sino website image 2
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Le Sino t-shirt 1Le Sino t-shirt 2