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Jane LaFarge Hamill Book Design



Create a book cover and inside spreads on the artist, Jane LaFarge Hamill, that reflects her artwork and style in a cohesive way.

Publication Design
Dawson College
Fall 2019

Approach / Solution

Approach /

Utilizing the impactful presence of Hamill’s art, my design for the book cover leads with an untouched showcasing of her artwork. No type was used, as to not interfere with the image. Anything but the art itself would take away from the raw power of the work and its relationship to the onlooker.

The yellow used in the spine draws the viewer's attention and distinguishes it from the intense red on the cover. Bold, black letters in a stoic typeface put forward feelings of power and rigidity that contrast the fluidity of the cover while not challenging its presence.

The interior of the book juxtaposes white space with the rich, bold works produced by Hamill. In prioritizing white space, the artworks can take the readers’ full attention. Hamill’s artworks pose an edge to edge philosophy therefore a tight margin is used to reflect and remain in line with Hamill’s overall artistic style. Incorporating touches of bright yellow and red constantly remind the readers of the design choices made with the cover and spine creating a cohesive experience throughout the book.

Sharp Sans type specimen

SHARP SANS by sharp type foundry

artist book inside spread 3artist book inside spread 1artist book inside spread 2