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B-Wall Beer Can Label



Design a beer can label promoting Shangri-La Hotel Toronto's honey lager made in collaboration with the Flying Monkeys brewery.

Packaging Design
Shangri-La Hotel
Toronto, ONT.
Summer 2020

Approach / Solution

Approach /

To keep in line with Shangri-La Toronto's modern and sophisticated style, the design of the beer can label should be sleek and contemporary, with minimal elements and a clear visual direction. The bee illustrations were crucial in including, as they allude to the B-Wall apiary located on the third floor terrace of Shangri-La Toronto's downtown hotel. The honeycomb further enhances the beehive element and gives a textured background. A second Pantone colour was used to give a subtle pop amongst the white and gold colour, allowing an extra dimension.

It was crucial to keep the illustrations simple, by only having line drawings, therefore they lean more towards a modern style rather than cartoony. The two typefaces juxtapose both thin and thick strokes, allowing them to contrast and stand out. The bold serif alludes to the thickness of honey, while the thin sans-serif compliment the line art illustrations.